Tara Tominaga

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Heya! My name is Tara Tominaga, and I'd like to start this section by welcoming you to my website and thanking you for stopping by.

You might call me a sort of Renaissance woman, or you might just call me crazy, because I have a slew of artistic endeavors. I like to keep myself very busy with a ton of different things. I self-published a coloring book. I paint. I screen print. I photograph. I write. I graphic design. I brand manage. I eat competitively.

... Just kidding on that last one ...

The point is: I'm a busy girl, and I love anything that challenges me creatively and forces me to grow as an artist and as a business woman. I've recently published my own children's book called Daisy and Otto, and I plan on launching an ocean conscious clothing brand, featuring some of my original, ocean themed artwork.

Thanks for visiting my website, and if you'd like to stay updated on all of my artistic shenanigans, be sure to follow my social media sites - particularly my Instagram. Some of my paintings are for sale through my Etsy page, so if you don't mind, please stop by there and check out some of my art.


I studied Fine Art while I was at the University of California in Irvine. That's where my passion for painting really grew. There's just something about the way paint drips down a canvas that makes my heart sing. Click on the image below to visit my painting page.



Below is a collection of links that will lead you to various photography galleries, where you will find both images and a short description or story about them. All you have to do is click on each thumbnail.


Working as a Content Producer, I spend a lot of time on Photoshop and iMovie, creating advertisements, flyers, videos, and other shareable online content. I even wrote for the 30Fifteen blog. To see more of my graphic design and video work, click on the image below.



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