Below is a gallery of some of my most recent paintings. As you can see, I have an obsession with all things marine animal. It started with sharks. I remember when I was about fourteen, my passion for sharks was so intense, that I was positive I would one day become a marine biologist, and to be honest, some days I still think, "I should have been a marine biologist." I would carry around a small notebook, and copy down every shark related fact I could find in the many ocean books I collected. I still have one shark watching handbook to this day, in which I underlined nearly every single line. I suppose I found every word in that book to be important. Now, as an adult (who is NOT a marine biologist) I am struggling to find a way to use my art to help inspire ocean conservation. Keep an eye out, because there are big projects coming your way! Looking to purchase some ocean themed artwork for your home? Visit my Etsy account, or try clicking on one of the images below, as some of them are available for purchase.